Panel Session

Promoting Tolerance and Global Peace: The Role of Educational
Institutions in 

By Prof. Yoser Gadhoum, Prince Mohamed Bin Fahd University, Saudi Arabia

Yousr Gadhoum


Through “Mobility” and “Connectivity” the care for letting cultures survive, becomes more and more dependent from explicit attention in education. Whereas E-Society is the effort to diagnose and foster digital citizenship, this Round Table Workshop opens the floor for participants to orient and discuss the need for Higher Education to bring Tolerance and Peace on its agenda.

By default, education is mainly regarded as the guided process to promote intellect and competence in the members of the future society. If we look back to the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century it is obvious to conclude that schooling and cognitive maturation is not enough to promote mutual understanding and tolerance in and between societies; not only because the implicit view on nationally-centered history may hamper the coming generation to become “world-citizens”, also because their future will inevitably demand skills and attitudes to respect other cultures similar to one’s own culture.

In this Panel Session, Profs Yousr Gadhoum and Piet Kommers will present the main rationales for the sequence Cultural Understanding, Tolerance and Peace as concerns for Higher Education in the coming decades. Just like any other of the typically new 21st Century Skills, Tolerance and Multi-Cultural Understanding is vital in order to let the young generation think critically on how to make the world more fair and more safe by acquiring the needed soft skills and making a better use of social media.

Please feel very welcome to join our discussion and thought exercises.



Yoser Gadhoum is Full Professor of Finance and chair of the Department of Finance and Accounting at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University in Dammam, KSA where he was a Dean of Research Development. He was also a former Dean of the College of Business Administration at Al-Yamamah University in Riyadh (KSA) and Dean of the College of Research and Graduate Studies at Abu Dhabi University (UAE). Additionally, he served as the Chief Research Officer at Abu Dhabi University where he also held the position of Acting Provost. Yoser is a professor of Finance, earning his Ph.D in Finance in 1995 from Laval University (AACSB accredited), Canada; and his MBA from the University of Ottawa (AACSB accredited), Canada. With more than ten years in senior academic administration, he has also held the posts of MBA program Director at Abu Dhabi University (UAE, AACSB accredited), Finance Department Chair in Canada, Director of postgraduate programs, and Associate Director of undergraduate programs in Canada.

Yoser’s 23 years of teaching and research experience, includes 16 years in Canada and 7 years in the Gulf region. During his 14 years in executive education (EMBA) and training, Yoser focused on performance analysis, competitiveness and Supply Chain Finance; serving academic institutions in 9 different countries as well as acting as Consultant to dozens of companies and banks. The author of three books, he has also published more than 36 papers in publications such as the Journal of Banking and Finance, the European Journal of Financial Management, the Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics, the European Journal of Operational Research and the International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making. His papers have won four international research honours and he gained an award for the best Ph.D dissertation in Canada in 1996.

Further, Yoser has contributed to more than 50 scientific conferences, and received 21 research grants in Canada. He has supervised 67 Masters and Ph.D students and has solid experience in grant assessment. Yoser served as a member of the Scientific Committee of the National Research Council in Canada, reviewer for the Emirates Foundation (UAE), and as a member of the Foundation Committee of the Sheikh Khalifa Prize for Excellence in Education and Research (UAE). With professional work experience at the United Nations, the World Bank, and the Canadian International Development Agency, Yoser has also served as an advisor to top executives in different countries, mainly to drive out inefficiencies in the Supply Chain. He carries the credentials of “Financial Expert’’ in Canadian Courts.

A Canadian citizen, Yoser is 52 years old, and is married with two children. He cherishes humanitarian activities in practice and research such as the impact of terrorism on the stock markets. He advocates for tolerance and strives for openness. He strives for excellence and is focused on greatness in teaching and training 21st Century soft skills.  He walks on the wild side towards instilling a culture of PEACE among youth Citizens as a contribution to the Global Goals.